Your Best 2020

Make 2020 the year you stop lying to yourself about what you’re capable of accomplishing in one calendar year.

So what you weren’t able to hit your goals in 2019. Maybe you should make your goals more realistic.

You’re only fooling yourself because everyone around you knows what you said at the beginning of 2016.

They watched you cheat on yourself and backslide on your commitments.

They saw you change your mind like a stray leaf in a light breeze.

Since you know they don’t believe you, it’s time to start fulfilling the commitments you desire to yourself.

Keep the promises you make to yourself, first. Then the rest of the world will follow.

How to stop lying to yourself?

Start being honest with who you are and what you’re capable of accomplishing.

Instead of doubling your goal, shoot for a 20% increase.

Instead of losing 20 lbs, end the year with 5 fewer pounds.

Instead of buying a luxury car, pay off your current car loan.

Instead of moving to a new neighbourhood, get to know the neighbours in your community.

Don’t worry about the people looking at you. Don’t worry about what they will say because you don’t have big goals or aspirations.

This is your life. Take control of it. Or someone else will.

How much better would your life be if you set your aim to hit a goal and you actually reached it?

How much more satisfying would your life be if you actually figured out a way to become a winner?

Why write a post like this?

I have friends in real life and on social media that are starting to post their plans for next year. It looks like a significant number of them are not being honest with themselves about what they are capable of accomplishing in a calendar year.

Do we expect our kids to become adults in 365 days?


So why do we expect to mature into a different individual over the same period of time?

We make it easy for kids to accomplish small wins on their development track to becoming successful adults. You are the same way. Rig the game so that you can win.

Take it easy because life is a marathon. You don’t know when the marathon will end. So, enjoy 2020 because you will never see it again. Except when you scroll through your timeline.

How you do anything is how you do everything. So, get magnificent at the small victories.

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