Minecraft to Photoshop

My oldest son loves to draw, cook, play Minecraft, read books, watch wrestling, and tell jokes. Despite being one of the smartest people in our family, he hasn’t really found anything in academics, other than entertainment, that interests him.
Yesterday, he spent 20 minutes walking me through a house he built on Minecraft. He was excited about his accomplishment and I was excited to see him excited.
While he walked me through the process of building a home in this platform, I noticed how quickly he maneuvered using the mouse and keyboard shortcuts. The process looks similar to programming.
So, I started thinking about ways to use his interest in creating things from scratch with developing a useful skillset that would be of value to him in the future.
It would have to be something where he feels like he’s in control and apart of the team. He likes to be an individual while being connected.
Fast forward to today. While helping my wife with her video, I realized that my son could create thumbnail images for the videos. It’s something he can show off to his friends and contribute in a meaningful way to the family business.
My wife approved of the idea with one condition. I had to train him versus sit him down in front of a screen and give him orders.
This afternoon, I walked him through my process of making YouTube thumbnails. After the training ended, I explained that it’s better for him to understand Photoshop before proceeding forward with making thumbnails on his own.
After my one-on-one tutorial, I used his public library card to set him up with a Lynda dot com account. Then I gave him his instructions to complete the 12-hour training course using Photoshop.
Every day I’ll check in with him to see what he’s learning and find out if he needs any assistance with the program. Plus, we’ll set up an email chain to discuss his progress with the system.
Once he was set up, I instructed him to complete 30 minutes of the course and eat dinner. He agreed and proceeded to work through the Photoshop training program.
Twenty-five minutes later, my son came to get me because he couldn’t find Adobe Bridge. I walked him through the steps to see it, and he blushed because he couldn’t believe he overlooked it and excused me from the room as he finished his assignment.
When I walked out of the room, I glanced back to see if he was engaged in the tutorial.
Guess what?
He was.
I plan to use his free time during the virus stuff to learn a skill that benefits the company. If he can do something that helps the company, then he could benefit other people as well.
“I don’t know,” is the answer to your question. You know what you’re thinking right now.
Will this work?
Believe it or not, I don’t think it has to work. The very idea of trying to help someone find how they can bring value to the world is a skill that is developed over time.
If you think about it, I’m life coaching my son.
Anyway, I thought you’d like an update on the journey of raising baby men.
Unfortunately, our house is divided at this time about how much we can ask of the boys. My wife believes that the boys should be able to relax and have a kid like upbringing. I, on the other hand, think that they should be working as soon as possible.
The solution is probably somewhere in the middle.
What do you think about this idea?
Let me know in the comment section.

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