How to use Google Voice with Free Conference Call HD?

Anyone else struggles to make conference calls using service? If so, there’s an answer to your problem.

It’s called a back door number. I’ve been using Free Conference Call HD off and on for the past 5 years and every time I stop using the service, I forget about the back door number.

Well, not today because I’m going to make a post that I can review every time I forget in the future.


This info will help you as well.

My main problem with Free Conference Call HD involves using the system with my Sprint phone which has Google Voice. Google offers a nifty little service that allows you the opportunity to acquire a number with any area code, tie it to your cell phone, and make calls from your cellular device. The only problem with this is Google Voice blocks users from making calls to Free Conference Call HD.

Let’s look at how you would access the conference line using Google Voice on any cell phone system.

If you’re using a landline or do not have Google Voice enabled on your phone, you don’t have to use the second solution. But, for comparison purposes, let’s cover the steps you take to start a conference call as a Host and Participant through a landline.

Dial into Conference as a Host or Participant

  1. Dial (712) 770-4160
  2. Wait for a prompt
  3. Enter the host or participant code
  4. Press #
  5. Proceed to the conference call.

Dial into Conference Call Using Google Voice as a Host or Participant

  1. Dial (425) 535-9157 (back door number)
  2. Wait for a prompt
  3. Dial (712) 770-4160 (dial-in number)
  4. Press #
  5. Wait for a prompt
  6. Enter the host or participant code
  7. Press #
  8. Wait for Users to arrive.

Dialing Shortcuts

We can’t end this post without covering my favourite dialling shortcuts.

Call recording allows you an opportunity to record your session through and keep a record of your call for future use. Press * + 9. Wait for the prompt. Then press 1 to start the recording. Repeat the steps to end the recording.

My second and final favourite feature is the ability to mute yourself or other callers. As the host, you can mute yourself by pressing * + 6. You mute participants by pressing * + 5.

Visit Free Conference Call HD for an extensive list of Phone Keypad Shortcuts. Print the page out and leave by your desk, or save a pdf version to your phone to have it on the go.

Save this post to reference the next time you find yourself using Google Voice to access Free Conference Call HD.

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