Divorce is everywhere.

1. While I was cold calling absentee owners last month, came across a guy living in his lake house because he’s going through a divorce and his wife lives in the primary home.

2. On Saturday, at my open house, I started a conversation with a guest who expressed interest in the property. After 10 minutes, he mentioned that he’s buying a home because he has to sell his home of 19 years because he’s going through a divorce.

3. 7 of the last 10 dads who have joined my dads’ group are divorced or going through a divorce.

4. Some of my friends or friends of the family are starting the divorce process or talking about the idea.

5. One of my oldest son’s friend from school just announced that his parents are getting a divorce.

50% of marriages end in divorce.
50% of marriages never end.

Looks like every “I do” is really an “I do right now”.

When will insurance companies start offering Divorce Insurance? I guess that’s a prenuptial agreement?

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